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 “What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you.” 

                                          -Ralph W. Sockman

For over 25 years Myka M. Landry Law has focused her practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Estate Administration/Probate. 


Our law firm designs personalized and comprehensive documentation that cannot be compared to “simple generic” on line or pre-printed forms.  Our consultation and quote ensure that you understand the relationship of each prepared and designed document and how it provides clarity to the design and administration of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Medical Directives.  These individual documents are designed to work together to carry out your wishes as to the distribution of assets with precision to your personal situation. 


Developing a personal relationship with you and your family is a top priority not only to offer the best legal advice but to provide continuity for you and your families legal needs. 

Included and often prepared separately are Powers of Attorney, (POA).  Prior to completing an Estate Plan, POA’s are prepared to help with supporting family members. Myka Landry Law provides comprehensive General Durable (Financial), and Medical Powers of Attorney.  Do not be fooled by “simple” generic POA forms!  These forms may be easier on your budget, but they may restrict the specific powers required when you need them   Our firm’s comprehensive Powers of Attorney are designed based on your personal and financial situation and designed to provide the “powers” required when any emergency or day to day situation arises. 


Our firm encourages that Estate Plans and Trusts be reviewed at least annually and more often as time progresses.  Reviews allow for questions, changes, or updates to your Estate Plan for any significant changes in your financial or personal situation.  We look forward to providing estate planning services to you and your family that secure your Estate, Trust, or Business for future generations. 

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